Digital Alternatives provides a wide range of services for all types of development needs.

  • Website Design

    No matter where you are in the design process, Digital Alternatives can help. We can help shape your ideas into a solid concept and bring your ideas and visions to the web.

    Already have a website, and need some improvements? No problem. Digital Alternatives can take your site and make it ready for the 21st century web via progressive enhancements that will add interaction capabilities for the users who support it, without affecting the experience of those who don't.

  • Custom Programming

    Every business is different, and off-the-shelf software that promises to be one-size-fits-all can rarely meet all of your business needs. We can work with you to design a custom software solution that will meet your needs exactly. With decades of experience, there is no programming that we are not capable of solving.

  • Consultation

    We've been there. We know what to do. If you have a question regarding the next move for the IT capabilities of your business, Digital Alternatives can help. You can make the first step by getting in touch with us.